12 Weeks From Now

Twelve weeks from now, it will be Christmas. Woah.

Since Houston temps have been maxing out at a crisp 86 the past few days, there has been a run on pumpkin spice lattes, and I’ve been spotting a few too many boots that have worked their way out of the closet. But really, I get it. I think I often crave winter in the summer and start looking ahead to the holidays a bit early actually.

The truth is that it’s really not so early to be thinking about Christmas! There’s a lot to do, buy, bake, send and eat. Here are two links to helpful holiday tools I’ll be putting to use. AmberLee from giverslog has posted her 2012 Holiday Checklist. I have found this so handy (and cute!) in the past! To plan out my gifts and keep my budget in order, I use LifeHacker’s Gift Planning Template (created by Jason Fitzpatrick). It does a nice job of organizing me, I get a keen sense of accomplishment when I turn a cell block green, and it also helps me check what I have given people in the past, so I don’t go overboard and keep getting my sister earrings each year. (Oh, wait, earrings almost always end up in her bag every year, and I actually think we’re okay with that one. ;)

These are two essential holiday planning favorites of mine, and I’m getting excited just talking about them. For real. Any other good tips for not losing it as the holidays sneak up on us?

An old Christmas pic just for fun:



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  1. Two words…Amazon Wishlist. You better start filling yours up or who knows what surprises you will be getting from me this year.

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